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Who Do You Think You Are?


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Stuck in a dead-end job and desperate to make his mark, an entrepreneur begins to wonder if the negative voice in his head may not be his own.

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One of the most rewarding aspects of taking Simon Says on the festival circuit was hearing first-hand how the film challenged and impacted people. 

We discovered that many wanted to share it with a larger audience – in their workplaces, with their sales teams, clients and patients, and in their organizations, churches, and schools.

One of our goals in making the film was to start these kinds of conversations. Because no matter the kind of work we do or our stage of life, we all know what it’s like to wrestle with the negative voice in our heads.

If you’d like to share the film, please do. The only stipulation is that it cannot be used for financial profit or as part of a program where other fees are charged.  If you are interested in using it for those or other larger purposes, please contact us. Until then, here’s to good thinking!

Jamie Sterba, Steve Storm and Boo Arnold

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