Betsy Green

Line Producer/Producer

As a result of watching too much television as a child, Betsy’s passion for storytelling overflowed in her first industry job interview.

When the Samuel Goldwyn executive asked, “Do you know any of the classic films in our syndicated movie package?” Betsy sang the theme song to the package’s big hit, “The Best Years of Our Lives,” the 1946 Oscar winner. “Stop singing, you’ve got the job!” he cried. She went on to work for Kingworld, Viacom, Fox and Variety selling programming, product placement and advertising.
After producing documentaries, she became the Executive in Charge of Production for Mighty Oak Entertainment, delivering over 300 episodes of reality TV to the cable, syndication and international markets.

When Betsy met Jamie, Boo, and Steve, their passion and script struck a chord in her soul. As Line Producer, she managed the fiscal and logistical issues but is proudest that she kept the team smiling during production by selecting the right caterer.

Betsy belongs to the Producers Guild of America, and Turner Classic Movies is one of her guilty pleasures.