Boo Arnold

Executive Producer/”Terrence”

Earl “Boo” Arnold was raised in a small town in central Texas. His father gave him the nickname “Boo” early in life and it stuck, long before he ever thought he’d need a stage name.

Arnold didn’t begin acting professionally until his early thirties but has been fortunate to study with great teachers, including Judith Weston at Judith Weston Studio for Actors and Directors. His acting career has been one of steady development, consistently booking roles in nighttime television.

He guest-starred opposite Jane Seymour in the television drama Justice and has had guest appearances and recurring roles on True Blood (HBO), Nashville (ABC), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Justified (F/X) and CSI Miami (CBS), to name a few. He played the lead, Michael Hollister, in the film The Seer, written and directed by Patrick Masset. He was also nominated for Best Actor in the168 Film Festival for his role in the award-winning short film Useless.

Having a deep personal connection to the themes in Simon Says, he took on the role of Executive Producer and proceeded to ignore any voice along the way that tried to keep the project from getting made.