Jamie Sterba


Jamie Sterba, based in Los Angeles, came out west from Chicago with an English degree from DePauw University and a fascination with the film industry. He was hooked with an opportunity to join the camera department where he later worked in commercials traveling the world.

The journey moved into long-form work in features and television where he helmed the “A” camera operator position on shows such as “Community,” “Kingdom,” and “Hand of God.” He’s been an additional Director of Photography on ABC’s “The Catch,” Amazon’s “Hand of God, and FX’s “American Horror Story.”

As a director in commercials, he’s worked with clients such as Dell, Mattel, McDonald’s, AAA, VTech, Capcom Entertainment, and Bethesda Game Studios.

Jamie’s directing and cinematography are driven by curiosity – fueled by a passion for finding stories and images that explore the human condition. “Simon Says,” his first film and most personal work, has been one of the most rewarding  experiences of his career.